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5-LEAD EKG PATIENT CABLE. 10-ft in length. Compatible with: Advanced Med Research Model 3R, Advanced Tech Lab ATL 600, ATL Mark II, ATL Mark III, ATL Mark VII, ATL Ultramark 6, ATL Ultramark 8, Birtcher 4400, Burdick EK2, EK3, EK5, EK8, M200, Medic 1, Medic 2, Cambridge Versa 1, Versa 2, Versa 3, Cardiac Electronics 1050, 505, 550, Computer Instruments 1050, 6703, Critikon Exerstress, Datascope 851, 861, 870, 870A, 871, 990, DelMar Reynolds 2000, 2820, 2920, 2920A, Electrodyne/PPG HR-4 (OLD), Electrodyne/PPG-S-5 BL, Hill-Rom 667, AM46-1, Apnea Monitor 3000, I.M.I.-IMF ALARM, Phillips H-P PREAMP 350-1100C, PREAMP 350-2700, PREAMP 350-3200A, PREAMP 350-3400, Picker 464-B, 51-690, CA-101, CA-105, ECHOVIEW 80C, Echoview III, ECO-6, RC-101/M, PPG Biomedical 105 w/lead select, DR Series, EAI, EAO, ECG-6, ECG-7, ECI, ECV, EDI Series, EEP-8, ERI, ERI-S, ETD-8, IR-4C, MS2SL, S-5BL, VSB, Siemens/Burdick CS615, CS625, CSS-23, CSS20 Preamp, CSS27, CSS7200, PA-100, PA-101, PA-104, PA-105, S/155 Synchronizer, Spacelabs 1600, Spacelabs 2100. Leadwire set sold separately. Uses #20900-24-5A Safety lead wire set (.060) socket to snap – white, green, brown, red, black.

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