EKG Cables & Leadwires

EKG Cables & Leadwires

There are many different brands of EKG / ECG machines out there and many are used for years before being replaced. The cables and leadwires wear out and need replacement. Don’t choose an inferior cable because you can’t find the right one. Schueler Healthcare has a vast selection of brands for you to choose from, so take a look at our selection.

The lead wires connect to the electrodes placed throughout the body. There are numerous types of lead wires including the 12- and 7-point wires. Lead wires need to be tightly connected to the electrodes if they are to reliably send the information to the main EKG machine. Over time, the connections can corrode and loosen, leading to distorted signals. It’s important to keep extra lead wires on-hand.

EKG Leadwires

Original Brands and Generic EKG / ECG Cables and Leadwires from leading manufacturers. Huge selection at great prices!

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