EKG Machines

EKG Machines

Electrocardiography is an important medical tool that records the electrical activity of the heart using electrodes connected to the patient. It’s often simply called an ECG or EKG. There are many reasons why a doctor would perform an ECG from heart attack and pulmonary embolism diagnosis, fainting, seizures, etc. The ECG creates a record of the rate and rhythm of the heart allowing for better examination and diagnosis. Schueler Healthcare carries a wide selection of ECG machines, accessories and more for doctors and hospitals to better serve their patients.

An EKG machine is made from three distinct parts: The electrodes, lead wires and the main EKG machine. The electrodes are attached to the body and ready the electrical impulses from the heart, leading to the description of the heart rhythm on the chart paper.

The lead wires attach to the electrodes and send the information from the electrodes to the EKG machine. The lead wires and electrodes are the most problematic are the most problematic aspects of the EKG machine because misplacement or improper connections can cause readings to be distorted.

The bulk of the work is done in the main EKG machine unit. Once the lead wires send it the information, the signals are deciphered and sent to the chart paper as a heart rhythm.

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